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Divided Line Media

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Thank you for your interest in Divided Line Media.  I’m C.J. Varela and I founded Divided Line Media in 2013 as a result of my growing passion for life behind a lens.  At the onset of opening my ‘doors’ for business, I was confronted with opportunities to use video in conjunction with photography, and I quickly realized my venture in photography needed to make room for videography as well.

Videography was a natural fit for me.  In my extended stay at college, I studied film, video production and post production culminating in an associates degree and certificate in Digital Video at Palamar College in San Marcos, CA.  During that time I also worked for a small production company out of Oceanside, CA.  As the production assistant and main editor, I worked on a diverse group projects for all types of clients and learned a lot in that process.

Since then I volunteered for a year to work with youth at a non-denominational church in Galway, Ireland; returned home to complete a degree in history at Cal State San Marcos, and made the move from southern California to Lake Tahoe.

There is something about Lake Tahoe that attracts creative people and draws out the creative vision in them.  I am an example of that.  I always enjoyed taking photos and documenting my travels and life in general, but since living in Lake Tahoe my passion for photography has taken on a life of its own.  What started as a hobby and a photography blog just for fun blossomed into an official business and a sole means of income.  It’s an adventure everyday and I love every part of it.

What’s in a name?  

The name Divided Line Media sprang from a strong desire for my work to be about more than just me.  Ultimately my name is behind the name, and you can expect the same small business mindset and personalized service as anyone else with their name and the word photography attached to the end of it.  I use the term media because I do more than just photography and I often work with a small team of professionals to create the best possible product for practically any budget.  The name is also a constant reminder to be challenged, think outside the box, and ultimately to live a life dedicated to something bigger and more important than me.

Why Photography?  And why you should consider Divided Line Media for your project or event?

In photography I found an outlet for my creativity that I believe is a perfect blend of art, technical ability and understanding, creativity, and business.  Photography, in it and of it self, is a massive field with so many possibilities and directions to take it. Luckily for me, I enjoy every part of it.

I love shooting weddings because it allows me to tell a story through my photos from beginning to end.  It also allows me to incorporate so many different styles of photography in the same day; shooting formal photos is different from capturing the moments as they naturally happen, and so I’m constantly shifting back and forth from photo-journalism style photography to portraiture, all while managing people to make photos happen in the time given.  Wedding photography is commonly believed to be the hardest avenue in photography and I couldn’t agree more — but I love the challenge!  Click here to see the wedding gallery.

My training as a photographer as also made me a better videographer.  So many of the principles in photography apply to video as well, but with a whole new skill set to play with.  I love and appreciate the change of pace that shooting video brings and storytelling process it requires, specifically in post production.  Click here to see what we’ve been up to.