California Weddings

The City of South Lake Tahoe and the immediate vicinity are located within El Dorado County, California. For ceremonies to be performed within our city and nearby areas, couples will need to secure their marriage license prior to their wedding day from our local County Recorder Clerk’s Office.

Learn more about securing a marriage license in El Dorado County, California by visiting the County Recorder Clerk’s Office by clicking here.

There are many things you’ll need to know prior to visiting our County Recorder Clerk’s Office, so be sure to review the FAQ’s page! For starters, both parties involved in the marriage will need to be present in order to secure the marriage license. But that is only the beginning. Click here to find answers to several key details involved with securing your marriage license.

Nevada Weddings on the South Shore

Planning to wed on the Nevada side of South Lake Tahoe? Well, then you’ll need to visit our friends at the Douglas County, Nevada County Clerk’s Office! Click here for details and information from their office including hours, FAQ’s, fees and more.